Industrial Components

Universal control unit Vpad®
Flat jet spray nozzle system
Meteorological sensors

To play a leading role over generations for homogenous concepts for an optimized surface condition management on airports, roads and municipalities, Boschung develops and produces a full product-range of innovative and technologically high-sophisticated industrial components.

The IMS spreading technology is one of the beneficiaries of this synergy which demonstrates the Boschung philosophy. Highly reliable infrared measuring components led to various technologies like OptiWet® and Thermomat. Industrial know-how in the field of preventive brine-spreading - FullWet®, CombiWet® or FlexiWet® - is at its state-of-the-art not least due to the innovative multi-chamber nozzles.

The maintenance-free modular brine tank system allow for the development of up-to-date, compact and economic spreaders and de-icers which are operating on roads and airports world-wide.

Constantly improving early ice-warning systems - combined with the steady development of road conditions and meteorological sensors - ensure for increased road-safety world-wide and are another beneficiary of the unveiled dynamism of our company.

The universal control Vpad® is one of the main reasons why Boschung equipment is particularly user-friendly. It allows various settings, steering and data-management of any machine. Its ergonomy and robustness have widely contributed to its success with the operators.

Boschung Technology

"Cascaded" PE liquid tanks


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Flat jet spray nozzle system

Full-® Combi-® FlexiWet™

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Jet nozzles

Full-® Combi-® FlexiWet™ jet nozzles S2/S3

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ecological and economic benefits

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The intelligent solution

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Drive "D"

Diesel engine drive

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ECO control

An intelligent engine

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ITS Sensors

Intelligent Transportation System

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Runway Contaminant Depth

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The new universal control unit

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