Snow Removal | Road Clearing

Snowbooster - High power snow blower/cutter - the perfect solution for regions requiring intensive winter maintenance.
Snowbooster Snow blower/cutter - Mountain pass opening
With its full range of multi-segemented snowploughs Boschung offers snow clearing technology in all sizes.
Front and lateral Snow plough - BOSCHUNG MF serie
BOSCHUNG Jetbroom in its Highway version - effective road clearing with large snow ploughs and high-capacity salt spreader
BOSCHUNG Jetbroom Highway version

Snow removal on highways includes all tasks the service provider has to accomplish to remove snow from driving surfaces and roadsides, using appropriate vehicles and equipment. To meet the requirements of road users fast and efficient snow clearance has to be guaranteed at all times.

The multi-segmented ploughs of the Boschung MF series provide efficient and eco-friendly clearing of driving surfaces. Their dynamic adaption to any road surface increases the clearing performance on the first run, so fewer interventions are required and there are less interruptions to traffic flow.

On heavy snowfalls, the accumulated snow on the roadside can be removed using a powerful snow blower/cutter out of the Snowbooster series B6/B7/B8, which can remove from 2.200 t/h up to 5.000 t/h. When space is not available for the snow, the Snowbooster can load it directly onto trucks.

For highways experiencing frequent and heavy snowfalls Boschung offers a high performance snow clearing machine, the Jetbroom H (Highway). The well proven and continuously enhanced technology offers perfect clearing performance (with plough, brush- and blowing systems both in front of the broom and at the rear) in one single run.

Our vast spreader program, the IMS series (Intelligent Mobile Spreading) is the perfect de-icing complement to the snow clearing and offers a wide range of options for solid and/or liquid spreading to meetg your requirements.

BOSCHUNG SNOWBOOSTER Opening mountain pass Col du Grand Saint Bernard

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