Sweeper S40 Eco-Friendly Mounted Sweeper

Double your efficiency!
In addition to excellent driving comfort, state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly operation, you can choose to sweep both sides simultaneously

Powerful and Dynamic – Day after Day

The S40 demonstrates its high maneuverability and power especially during long term operations, as the spacious hopper of 4 m³ offers a generous operating range. You will experience productivity in motion, even in narrow spaces.

The versatile S40 is perfectly suited for a variety of sweeping tasks for both municipal workforces and private service providers. It’s mounted on a Mitsubishi Fuso chassis and can be driven at up to 80 km/h to any operation site. Not only does the lastest generation engine prove its economical consciousness, but it is also very silent and has low fuel consumption.

Technical Details

Sweeper Unit

Dispositif de balayage de la balayeuse de voirie S40 à portée écologique.

The working tools of the S40 are independently movable, towed and spacious broom systems. The 1,000 mm wide cylindrical broom and the Ø 700 disc broom carry the waste towards the broad suction mouth. With this you can reach sweeping widths of up to 2,200 mm with one single system. With the dual sweeping system (optional) a sweeping width of 3'250 mm can be achieved and you can sweep both sides simultaneously. The disc brooms are fitted with stepless speed adjustment between 0-120 rpm and the cylindrical broom – has a pressure adjustment control in the cabin. As required we can also deliver inclination adjustment for the disc broom as well.

Useful tip: The bearings can be greased and the sweeping units set manually.

The Hopper

Cuve à déchets de la balayeuse de voirie S40 à portée écologique.

The 4 m³ hopper with the 750 l fresh water tank is made entirely of stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A) and impresses with its robust construction whilst keeping its weight low at the same time. Having no rough edges, it can easily be cleaned thus avoiding unnecessary stand-by time in the maintenance depot.

The engine bay is coated with noncombustible insulation mats resulting in a low-noise worker, with only 99 db/A in the hydrostatic version. 4 flashlight bars take care of security. The integrated construction principle chieves low operational costs.

Drive and Handling

Entraînement et commande de la balayeuse de voirie et route S40 de Boschung.

The drive is provided by a 3-cylinder engine achievng approximately 25 kW. The speed can be adjusted in three stages, ranging from 700 to 2,200 rpm. The turbine is driven by a ribbed V-belt and a fully automatic, maintenance-free centrifugal clutch. Made of wear-resistant materials and well-designed, the turbine is particularly eco-friendly and silent. The durability of the V-belt without requiring restretching contributes to the economy of the drive.

The S40 can altenatively be fitted with a hydrostatic drive that allows very smooth driving and also prevents clutch damages. The water-valves are activated electrically from the cabin enabling each water jet on the sweeping units to be individually adjusted. A water-level indicator is integrated in the control unit, which, with its practical design offers great comfort and high security operation from the cabin. As required a mini control unit with the most frequently used switches can be installed on the driver’s door.


Permanent High-Pressure

Nettoyage haute pression avec la balayeuse de voirie et route S40 à portée écologique de Boschung.

High-pressure cleaning unit: 150 bar with a pump performance of 15 l/min, hose roller, spray gun with lance and 12 m hose are included.

Washing bar: 40 bar with a pump performance of 70 l/min, attached under the front-bumper and swiveling left/right. The high-pressure pump is included.

Hand Suction Hose

Aspiration manuelle de la balayeuse de voirie et route S40 à portée écologique.

Manually operated suction hose unit for leaves: mounted on the roof of the vehicle with a 3.5 m long, Ø 150 mm hose. The hose-rack on the back also contains a controller. The water supply with a quick coupler, water nozzle on the hand piece and opening in the roof of the hopper simplify the operation. In addition to the excellent driving comfort, state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly operation, you can choose to sweep both sides simultaneously.

Third Frontal Broom

Balai frontal de la balayeuse de voirie S40 à portée écologique.

Weed broom: Can be mounted as 3rd front-broom on the sliding unit of the mounting plate. Swiveling left/right, it can be used to clean narrow spaces or simply enlarge the sweeping width.

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Technical details

Mounted Sweeper S40

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