IMS F Flat Bed Spreader

The IMS F is characterized by its extremely flat design and is therefore predestined for use with all truck series and Unimogs. The hopper design with its vertical front and rear panels is specially adapted for use with only one spiral auger. The auger system has differing pitches for a steady hopper output and axle load distribution.

Flat and light – The new IMS F

The impressive new IMS Flat bed spreaders incorporate many technological innovations. An innovative lightweight dimensionally stable construction allows higher agent capacities and thus higher vehicle range. The result – more effective interventions and faster treatment of ice in winter. The centre of gravity of this series is exceptionally low offering more stable driving and significantly improving safety in winter maintenance. The weight distribution and fixation points of the IMS F allow precise longitudinal adjustment of the position of hte center of gravity resulting in optimisation of steering and braking action. The well proven Boschung auger feeding system ensures a steady hopper output during use. The IMS F hopper's side provide clear space for side tanks. When equipped with a humidification system, the liquid tanks are integrated neatly into side space. Charging is therefore simple and fast, avoiding spills of the liquid spreading agent onto machine parts.

Of course for Boschung IMS F the proven components of the modular concept are used already in its basic configuration, e.g.

  • Single auger dosage system with hydraulic drive and transmission.
  • Block configured hydraulics
  • EMC certified electronics

Optional equipment with intelligent Boschung technologies such as Vpad, OptiWet®ThermoMAT, GPS etc. are selectable to complete the individually customisable IMS-Flat bed spreader!


Optiwet®: Integrated FS-adaptive-technology, automatic spreading width stabilisation and automatic distributor head adaptation enable the OptiWet® distributor to achieve perfect spreading results at extremely low agent usage rates – the state of the art inb spreading.

Sta: Equipped with a triconvex spinner disc for precise lateral and longitudinal distribution and a homogenous spreading pattern, for large spreading widths.

Dosage auger

The dosage auger is equipped with differing pitch elements. This delivers steady hopper output and ensures a uniform axle load and weight distribution from beginning to the end of use.

The double threaded end of the auger offers the continuous agent flow required for perfect spreading results. For the optimum drive system, a high performance hydraulic drive with transmission gearing is used. The unit has exceptional management of the extreme initial breakaway torque generated when initiating spreading or when problematic agents are encountered, high torque is achieved across the rpm range.

Drive possibilities

Hydraulic supply of IMS F series may be provided through:

  • The carrier vehicle hydraulics “H” (standard)
  • PTO-shaft attachment pump “A” (accessories)
Drive H
Drive A


High quality hydraulic components arranged as space-saving block and emergency manual devices are secured in a sealed cabinet. The integrated pressure relief valve and standard hydraulic pressure filter assure additional operational safety. Quick response proportional-flow regulation valves and rpm acknowledgement of drives support variance comparison. Due to modern processor technology RPM corrections take place automatically within milliseconds.

Humidification system

Effective spreading with prewetting is no problem for the IMS F-series. Large brine reservoirs and a maintenance free closed circuit brine pump coupled with the automatic reduction of solid agent for highest dosage accuracy grant best results.


Highest torque availability across the entire rpm range allow the auger drive smoothg, absolutely pulsation-free, agent conveying. As an option frequency overlaid micro vibrations of the auger can further improve flow for problematic spreading agents.

Structure - Details

Perfect light weight construction

Flexible and adjustable fixing points allow optimal adaptation of IMS F to vehicle contours independent of vehicle equipment (e.g. performance hydraulics on Unimogs).

Therefore there is no change in height and precise adjustment of centre of gravity in longitudinal axis is enabled.

Hopper construction

The new Boschung IMS F hopper construction is optimised through the use of static and dynamic simulation programs.

The dimensionally stable light weight construction clearly increases the maintenance vehicle’s load capacity for thawing agents, while maintaining an extremely low centre of gravity. Thus vehicle handling and driving safety is  improved remarkably. The special side wall construction enables the Boschung single auger feeding system. This system guarantees complete emptying of the hopper and reduces wear parts to an absolute minimum, significantly less than in a dual auger system.

Vpad : the ideal control system

Vpad is the ideal control system for IMS F spreaders. The almost „sightless” keyboard handling comes together with an ergonomic design and voice response to all changes in controls to free-up the user. Equipped with the most up to date processor technology, the Vpad not only allows perfect spreader control but also takes over all communication duties for Surface Condition Management.

Technical data

Hopper capacity (m³)2,02,52,73,03,54,0
Brine tank (l)86010701160130015001720
Spreading width (m)2 to 8 or 3 to 12
Dosage (g/m²)Spiral auger with programmable spreading-levels
Salt: 0-40 ¦ Abrasive agents: 0-300

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