FlexiWet® More liquid!

FlexiWet® converts any IMS-spreader into a FullWet® or a CombiWet®.

All advantages at a glance

  • The flexible brine-tank for IMS-spreaders
  • Preventive brine spreading with little investment!
  • Easy retrofitting from pre-wetted salt spreader to FullWet® and vice versa in less than 10 min!
  • FlexiWet® allows the brine capacity of a 4-axle truck to be achieved on a 3-axle truck, or the brine capacity of a 3-axle truck to be achieved on a 2-axle truck. Smaller machines with smaller turning circles can be used.
  • Working speed up to 80 km/h
  • Spreading widhts up to 12 m
  • Brine application up to 80 g/m2, speed related brine spreading
  • The use of FlexiWet® with the Boschung CombiWet® technology saves 11,000 € a year and furthermore preserves the environment with 362 t less salt consumption.

      Retrofitting in 10 minutes…

      The smart nozzle system

      Anyone can spray, but we provide the difference! The nozzle systems are fitted onto the spreader. During interventions with pure brine the nozzle-booms are simply swiveled to the outside, while they are well inside the contours of the spreaders when swiveled in. Only due to the high computing power of the Vpad the complex connections of the engaged technology can be calculated and evaluated within milliseconds and applied over the proportional valve control system.

      • Gear pump options for 50/100 ccm displacement volume
      • Precise displacement volume using regulated gear pump by means of target/actual-value comparison using integrated, maintenance-free pulse generator

      Jet nozzles system

      • High wind-stability
      • Working speeds up to 80 km/h
      • Precise output volume
      • High precision output of the gear pump allows precise spray pattern at any flow volume
      • Maintenance-free spool valve made of PE stainless steel with up to 4 outputs for spray-nozzle connections. Spraying widths selected via Vpad: activation of the spool valve of 1 to 4 outputs through the maintenance-free linear drive. Non-active spray nozzles are absolutely drip-free.

      Fan nozzle system

      • Every single one of the 5 vertically arranged fan nozzles guarantees an area-wide even spray film on the entire spraying surface.
      • The applied spread rate – calculated from the selected spreading-density per m2 and the working speed – is regulated by automatic switching, on or off, of the single fan nozzles
      • 5 chamber PE-Spray unit with different Cu-Zn special fan nozzles, each with a magnetic valve and LED ON-OFF indicator
      • Spray bloc adjustable horizontally

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