Pony P3 The smallest in its category

The Pony P3 is the culmination of the experience and expertise that Boschung has built up over decades of close and continuous collaboration with customers and partners.

Customer Orientation Concept

Over this period, the requirements of municipal authorities and service providers have grown enormously with regard to mobility and versatility. The engineers behind the Pony P3 have met these challenges head on, taking their lead from customer needs while striving to implement far-sighted improvements suggested by Boschung Customer Services. This combination of customer focus and practical in-house experience has produced the Pony P3.

The hydropneumatic suspension provides a more comfortable driving experience and, thanks to dynamic height adjustment, makes it much easier to mount and remove assemblies. The latest-generation hydrostatic steering system also delivers added comfort and safety. When the tail swings out as the vehicle is driven around obstacles, this intelligent system automatically compensates for the sideways movement to keep the tail of the vehicle under control. This significantly reduces the risk of an accident occurring when the tail swings out to the side. The Pony P3 is incredibly simple to operate and the outstanding ergonomics of the working environment support stress- and fatigue-free working practices.

The driver’s cabin is glazed on all sides and includes two comfortable, mechanically or air-sprung seats with 3-point safety belts. Optional accessories for the Pony P3 include air conditioning, cruise control and other features for added comfort. With a top speed of 40 km/h (approx. 25 mph), the vehicle blends into road traffic with no problem. Furthermore, thanks to the excellent front and rear axle suspension, it can negotiate even the most difficult terrain comfortably.

Innovative technology

Thanks to its narrow and compact build, the Pony P3 can navigate even the most difficult-to-access areas, which makes it the ideal multipurpose vehicle for municipal applications. The vehicle’s high-performance engine, hydrostatic power transfer systems and permanent all-wheel drive ensure outstanding versatility in deployment, even in difficult working environments and when heavily loaded. The vehicle hydraulics are powered by a VM R754 diesel engine (VM Motori, Italy) in compliance with the Euro 5 standard. The maximum torque of this engine is 340 Nm, the maximum output is 72 kW. The outstanding efficiency of the engine, even at low speeds, minimizes noise levels. A particulate filter is included as standard in the Pony P3.

A multifunctional equipment carrier

The Pony P3 is both a transport and working vehicle and most importantly an equipment carrier for year-round deployment. Its quick-action coupling system ensures that assemblies can be changed with exceptional speed.

Additional equipment

Summer equipment for Pony P3/P4

Mounted sweeper

type BPK

Sweeping broom

for front and rear attachment (hydraulically driven)

Weed broom

(steel strings)

Mounted washing system

type BPS with water tank and hydraulically swiveling spray bar

Pouring arm

(only in connection with the washing system BPS)


Winter equipment

IMS Spreader

Spreader IMS with pre-wetted salt installation

Liquid tank

with jets (FullWet®)

Snow cutter/blower

with charging chimney (hydraulically driven)

V-shaped snow plough

Boschung LF-B

Single side snow plough

Boschung BF-4

Ice scraper

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Pony P3

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