Jetbroom 9000 A/H Compact version A (Airport) and H (Highway)

Multifunctional high-performance cleaning system for airports and highways for year-round use.

Jetbroom concept

The market launch of the Jetbroom was in 1985 – a milestone in the development of special high-performance vehicles.

Due to its unique concept – basic vehicle with various attachment possibilities for winter and summer equipment – the Boschung special vehicle provides safety and cleanness on airports worldwide.

Key benefits at a glance


  • A special, Boschung designed chassis, for heavy winter maintenance duties with special axles and adaptable steering modes
  • Permanent all-wheel drive with special transmission gear and two differential locks
  • Optimally aligned automatic transmission
  • Performance-optimized engines
  • Suitable even for extreme temperatures
  • Low center of gravity due to compact design

User friendliness

  • Modern, well-arranged cabin
  • Special steering unit for the global concept, with an ergonomic arrangement of the control and operating elements
  • Central lubrication system for vehicle and equipment


  • High speeds as a result of the patented, self-regulating broom attachment (without supporting wheels)
  • Optimized operations thanks to the simultaneous execution of various tasks
  • State-of-the-art, fuel-efficient engines
  • Light construction through use of aluminum boarding
  • Long operating-life


  • High working-speed guaranteed thanks to a heavy duty, unique chassis for the inclusion of the sweeper/blower unit between the axles
  • All-wheel steering with 3 different steering modes for a minimal turning radius. The speed-dependent rear-axle steering enables smooth and secure transition between maneuvers to working and dislocation mode


Plough & Broom

For snow-clearance the Jetbroom 9000 A/H can be equipped with various plough and broom sizes. Those can be optimally adapted to all requirements for efficient deployment on all airport surfaces as well as roads and highways.

With a plough width of 8.4 m and a broom width of 6 m the Jetbroom remains the only real compact clearing vehicle in this power category and as such can be deployed as a high-performance convoy on runways.


The plough program has been optimally aligned with the brooms and offers various mounting and applications possibilities. Their design is perfectly suited for deployment on airports, highways and roads.

The configuration plough/broom guarantees a clean coverage on the outside and an overlap of the plough on the inside to ensure an area cleared of any snow leftover from the blowing unit.

MF 2S 84

For the large airport version (6 m broom) the MF 84 series is deployed.

Available in 3 versions:


  • conventional, mounted on the Jetbroom
  • quick exchange unit
  • with flap segments (pic.)
MF 10.3

The MF 10.3 plough is used – together with the 4 m broom – as the “small“ version on airports.

MF S 52

For highways and roads the special plough program MFS has been developed, which excels with great clearing performance. Available in various designs (also with flap segments for passing narrow sectors).

Sweeper / Blower unit

The sweeper/blower unit provides airflow in front of the broom and a second blower either between the broom and the rear axle or at the vehicle rear. The blowing unit in front of the broom is especially critical for the performance of the complete system. Thanks to the airflow in front of the broom this one is significantly employed removing left-over snow.

This results in a lower angle setting for the sweeping unit, which again leads to an increase of the net cleaning width per passage. In combination with the automatic broom regulation - without supporting wheels - this results in a high-efficiency system with a perfect clearing performance even at high-speeds.

Platform / Equipment

The special construction of the chassis allows the mounting of work equipment onto the platform. Various versions of spreaders can be used thus enabling the spreading of solid, liquid or a mixture of agents. Furthermore, a dirt-hopper – in combination with a small broom and a suction-mouth system – allows the operation as a high-performance sweeping unit.

The system can be extended at any time with the working equipment stated below:

Rear suction unit

Rear suction unit in combination with a dirt-hopper for the absorption of liquids (glycols, oil, water etc.)

Manual suction hose

Manual suction hose in combination with a dirt-hopper


On the front plate there is the option for attaching a washing-bar or a magnet-bar system.

Buildup of basic vehicle Jetbroom A/H

Heavy duty 2 or 3 axle chassis with two longitudinal carriers - upwards offsetted between the axles - and screwed or welded cross beams incoporating the attachment pads.

Driven, steered front/rear axle with planetary hubs, each with 14 t axle load

Steered 3rd axle with 6 t axle load

TransmissionDesigned for heavy trucks
Drive4 x 2: By cardan shaft on distribution and transfer gearbox on front axle
4 x 4: Additional permanent four-wheel drive with limited slip differential on two longitudinal shift gears and cardan shaft on rear axle
3rd axle:Steered, not driven

Hydraulically suspended front and rear axles with level control and self-aligning.


  • Lifting and lowering of the vehicle for easy mounting and disassembling of work equipment
  • Stable work-position independent of the equipment in use
  • Minimalized inclination in curves for a good clearing result

2 wheel steering: Non-steered rear axle

All-wheel steering: Rear axle steering with proportional hydraulic and electronic drive. At speeds higher than 30 km/h the steering is put in the straight ahead position and locked hydraulically. Rear axle can be controlled through keyboard (incl. crabbing)


Designed in heavy and light versions. The heavy version allows attachment of work equipment (spreader, tank). The platform is designed to provide easy access to all service points, incl. engine. Side-cover left and right.

With an overall length of less than 10m, the resulting high maneuverability the Jetbroom is suited for all airport areas. On each side of the vehicle are diesel tanks which are connected by hose, so they can be filled from any side. Therefore a single tank filling lasts easily for more than one shift even in heavy working conditions.

Air blowing system for Jetbroom A/H

Chart of possible blower configurations
Horizontal turbine

at the rear of the cabin to supply alternatively 1 or 2 blowers

Vertical turbine(s)

at the blower itself to supply the blower

a) 2 blowers
  • 1 x in front of the broom
  • 1 x in front of the rear-axle

b) 2 blowers

  • 1 x in front of the broom
  • 1 x in front of the vehicle

c) 1 blower
  • 1 × in front of the broom

d) 1 blower
  • 1 × between broom and rear-axle

e) 1 blower
  • 1 × at the rear of the vehicle

De-icing technology for Jetbroom 9000 A/H

De-icing technology integrated into the multifunctional concept

The Jetbroom system is the only concept that manages to bring efficient de-icing capacity in an operationally effectiv manner. The combination of “Snow clearing and De-icing” in one single run contributes to a highly flexible functionality in operations.

Both functions can of course be used independently of each other. Depending on the equipment a Jetbroom can also de-ice areas cleaned by a forerunner vehicle.

Variations for use of solid and liquid agents
Jetbroom A/H 2-axles und Jetbroom T
Jetbroom A/H 3-axles

a) Solid agents
  • Disc spreading

b) Liquid agents
  • Disc spreading

c) Liquid agents
  • Nozzle spreading

d) Solid and liquid agents
  • Disc spreading

e) Special versions

To the limits of the gross payload various combinations - according to customers' needs - are possible.

Technical Data

Engine2 x 320 kW (435 hp)
Steering3 steering modes: all wheel, front wheel, crabbing
Drive4 wheel-drive
Plow width6400 - 8400 mm
Plow clearing width6400 - 7100 mm
Brush length4200 - 6000 mm

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