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The toolbar allows to disconnect, change the language, access the shopping cart or access to specific content (depending on the products you own, eg. Airport De-Icer).

The tabs on the home page allows to navigate between products of the current generation and previous generations in the same sector (or product category).

The home page 'products' displays all the products available on E-Parts-Boschung for which you have made a request for accessing. It is divided into several sectors (and product categories) and sub-sectors (product generations). Click on a product to enter its respective area (product space).

The home page 'sectors' displays the other available sectors (or categories of products).

The toolbar
The tabs on the home page
Home page 'products'
Home page 'sectors'

Navigation buttons

Return to the home page

Click this button to return to the home page. This deletes information about the chassis number or serial number of the memory in your account. This is to avoid confusion when changing product.

Return to the previous page

Click this button to return to the previous page. It takes you back to the 'Product' area (see section 'Navigation').

Access to your shopping cart

Click this button to directly access your shopping cart. This function works only if you have a personal access account (not an "demo" account  for the cataloe consultation only). This limitation applies to all functions related to the shopping cart.

Access your archives

Click this button to access your archives. You can view all your orders, and even copy the contents of an old order and place it in the shopping cart (see later in this section).

Validate and return to the previous page

Click this button to validate the position and return to the previous page. This function works only if you have entered the desired amount in every position of the shopping cart. You can change the amount at any time as long as you didn't finalize your order yet.

E-Parts-Boschung support

Click the life buoy button to access the E-Parts-Boschung support. But you're already here...

Subsector 'aiport machines' (spreaders)

In the sector 'spreaders', click this button to access the subsector 'airport machines'. You will find a number of machines in their 'standard' implementation. Enter a serial number in the field provided for this purpose to access the corresponding version for your product. If no products matching your serial number, contact our service via the contact page of our website or directly via email: info@boschung.com

If you are not affected by the airport machines, page There are no products.

Subsector 'road' (spreaders)

Click this button to return to the subsector 'road', e.g. standard spreaders for spreading liquid and/or solid agents, on roads, highways and in communities.