Address database

When you place an order to Boschung or to your Boschung supplier, you have the option to specify a shipping address if different from the billing address. Once the order sent, the shopping cart is transferred to your archive and the delivery address is deleted from the form.

You can store commonly used delivery address directly into your personal E-Parts-Boschung account. For that you have an address database which can contain up to 20 address per company.

Each address created by an user is visible and editable by all members of the same company. A simple click will place the selected address in the appropriate field.


Access to your shopping cart

Click this button to directly access your shopping cart. This function works only if you have a personal access account (not an "demo" account  for the cataloe consultation only). This limitation applies to all functions related to the shopping cart.

Access the pre-order form

After placing an item in the shopping cart (see section articles), click this button to access the pre-order form. You can access your address database from the pre-order form.

Edit your address data base

Click this button to access your basic address data from the pre-order form.

On your first time access - if no delivery address is recorded yet - an address entitled 'ADDRESS 1' is created. Then edit the 'Address' field to create your first shipping address.

Import an address

Click this button to import an address stored in the address database and place it in the 'delivery address' field.

This button is accessible from the pre-order form (directly to the right of the dropdown menu) or the address data base.

Add an address

Click the button 'add an address' placed at the bottom of the page to add an address. A new numbered address is generated. Then click the button 'Edit' to edit its contents and press the button 'show all addresses'.

Remove an address

To remove an address, click the button "remove an address" placed just below the address to remove it.

Show all address

Click the button 'show all address' to accept the changes and show all address in your database.

Exit the database

Click the button 'back' to exit the database without importing an address. However, changes made to an address will be validated.

Using the address database

Save an address in the database

Click the button 'edit your address' to access the address database. If no address is recorded in the database, an address entitled '1 - ADDRESS 1' is automatically generated.

  1. Click the button 'edit your address' below the address '1 - ADDRESS 1' and edit the field as desired.
  2. Click the button 'show all addresses' to validate the modification.
  3. Click the button 'back' to leave the database or the button 'import an address' to exit the database and place the corresponding address in the 'delivery address' field of the pre-order form.

To add an address, click the button 'add an address' at the bottom of the page. To delete an address, click the button 'remove an address' below the address to delete.

Your database can contain up to 20 addresses per company. If your company has several E-Parts-Boschung accounts, each user can use or modify the addresses of the company.

Place an address in the 'delivery address' field

To use a previously recorded address of your database, use the drop down menu located below the 'delivery address' field (see illustrations below):

  1. Click the drop down menu (if no address is stored, it is empty) and select the desired address.
  2. Confirm your choice with the button 'import an address' directly to the right of the dropdown menu.

You can always directly replace or modify the address.

Choose an address from the dropdown menu
Confirm your choice with the button "import"