The 2010's

Digitalization does not stop for winter or summer maintenance and ‘Boschung Mecatronic’ is constantly further developing various measuring sensors and techniques (RCD and associated management software like BORRMA-web, RWIS, AWIS and AWOS).

Market launch of the ‘Urban-Sweeper S2’ - new standards are set in the compact sweeper class.

Boschung Mecatronic develops the ‘IT Sens’ (Intelligent road sensor for winter-maintenance management systems).

Extension of the sweeper range with the S40 - S1200 series (compact our mounted sweepers for trucks).

Market launch of the ‘Jetbroom T’, the towed version of the compact unit.

La balayeuse de voirie Urban-Sweeper S2 en pleine action dans les rues de Berlin.
La balayeuse de voirie Urban-Sweeper S2 en activité à Lausanne.

The 2000’s

Successful market launch of the multipurpose carrier ‘Pony P3’ – the narrowest of its category.

With the Surface Condition Management (SCM) the Boschung Group is sole provider of a full range of devices for a complete surface maintenance.

With the integration of ‘Küpper-Weisser’ of Bräunlingen – which is developing and producing mobile spreaders – the Boschung Group became a world leading supplier for mobile and stationary spreading technologies.

First deliveries of Jetbrooms on the American market, huge deal with the Swiss Army (16 Jetbroom).

The 90’s

Development of the China market with the opening of a branch office in Beijing.

Boschung Mecatronic develops the BORRMA system (Boschung Road and Runway Management).

First big deal with the Swiss Army for the delivery of snowblowers/cutters.

Munich and Moscow airports get fitted with early ice warning systems and Jetbrooms are clearing their runways.

License-agreement with a Canadian company for the production of the Pony for the entire North-American market.

Market entry in Russia; opening of a branch office in Moscow.

The 80’s

Installation of the first measuring stations ‘GFS 2000’ and road-condition management systems on German highways.

World premiere of the Jetbroom! Boschung proves that it’s possible to mount a sweeper/blower between the axles thanks to the special body-shape. Successful tests on airports and highways.

Further increase in activities requires the company expansion; furthermore a branch office in Chur (Eastern Switzerland) is founded.
Market entry in the United States.

The 70’s

Further electronic development leads to the establishment of ‘Boschung Mecatronic’, which installs the first fixed automated  thawing system on the viaduct of Flamatt on the request of the Government of the Canton Fribourg.

A new generation of early ice warning system is presented. Sensors built into the road surface allow a new approach for the detection of the freezing time and to take preventive action to avoid the formation of ice layers.

A whole range of award winning trailer spreaders are put on the market and are appreciated by customers.

Realization of the first generation of the multi-purpose carrier PONY with instant success in the market.

Five inventions are awarded with prizes at the International Exhibition of Invention in Brussels; a snowblower/cutter, a spreader, a snow-height measuring device, a road construction unit as well as a ski lift track maintenance unit.

The 60’s

First big success at the International Exhibitions of Invention in Brussels; 3 machines are awarded a price. In the same year a license agreement with a company from the United States is concluded.

The same year a partnership with an american comapny for the manufacturing under license of multi-plate vibrators was concluded.

Development of a new range of road-clearing products and early ice warning systems is accelerated.

Snow-clearing business is increasing constantly, furthermore the takeover of the representation of the Mercedes and Fiat brand is done.

The 50’s

Expansion of the activities with further development of self-produced equipment in the fields of snow-clearing (snow blowers, snow ploughs).

First extension of the body repair shop due to the distribution of the multi-purpose carrier UNIMOG and acting as general contractor for Schmidt from St. Blasien.

The 40’s

Founding of the company with the opening of a  body repair shop by Marcel Boschung Senior in 1947.